Ben Rutherford

35 Days Before the MeetingA Preliminary Notice must be delivered to owners. The Preliminary Notice is in a prescribed form and contains, among other things:

- The purpose of the meeting and the anticipated date;

- A statement advising owners that they may provide material to the board
to be included in the meeting package to owners;

- A statement about the number of positions up for election and the
associated terms.
At least 15 days after the Preliminary Notice, but no later than one (1) day before the Notice of Meeting is delivered- Owners may give notice of their intention to run as a candidate. If
they do, they should also make the disclosure obligations required of
candidates for election to the board;

- A group of at least fifteen (15%) of owners may make a submission to
include items on the agenda for the meeting, or to have materials
included in the meeting package. Agenda items or materials must not be
contrary to the Condominium Act or the Regulations.
5 days before the MeetingThe Notice of Meeting must be delivered to owners and it must contain:

- The time, place and date of the meeting, and an agenda;
- Any Owners’ Materials;

- A statement of quorum required to conduct business and who may count
towards it;

- specifications as to how an owner may be present at the meeting and
voting options;

- A statement with respect to the number of positions available for
election and their respective terms; and,

- The director disclosure statements of those individuals who have
provided notice to the board of their intention to be a candidate for
the available positions, including their name and address.
The Day of the Meeting- Persons standing for election who did not give prior notice of their
intention to run for election must make the disclosure required of

- There must be the latest Periodic Information Certificate (and any
updates) available at the meeting for viewing

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