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Retention Periods Financial and other records, such as meeting minutes, must be kept for 7 years Fundamental corporation documents (for example, the declaration, by-laws, rules, turnover documents, performance audits, reserve fund studies and plans) and agreements have an unlimited retention period. Proxies and ballots and forms of recorded votes must be kept for 90 days… View Article

Meetings – A Timeline

Ben Rutherford

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Ben Rutherford

Education Directors must complete educational courses administered by the Condominium Authority of Ontario. The courses must be completed within six (6) months of being elected to the board. The courses must be completed at least once every seven (7) years. People who are already serving as directors on November 1, 2017 are exempt from this… View Article

Service Animals and Condos

Ben Rutherford

It is common knowledge that condominium corporations have a duty to suspend enforcement of pet prohibitions in the declaration or rules to accommodate the disability-related needs of an owner or tenant. This means that an owner or tenant may be permitted to keep an animal, often a dog, to assist with a disability-related need such… View Article